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[S1E7] He Deserved To Die

Rita tells Paul that if he can handle supervised visits for six months, then she might consider letting him have unsupervised visitation. When she hands him divorce papers giving these conditions, Paul submits very quickly and signs them. Dexter wants to give Jeremy more of a guiding light, but soon learns he committed suicide in prison; he followed Dexter's advice and killed someone who deserved to die. Dexter, disappointed that the Ice Truck Killer was nothing more than a mentally disturbed psychopath, requests to see him so he can ask questions. After having a short exchange with Perry, Dexter is relieved to surmise that he is not the Ice Truck Killer.

[S1E7] He Deserved to Die

Equally as fitting for Cersei and Jaime: an ending that was objectively much kinder than most of their individual actions merited, but still felt earned within their overall journeys. They got what they deserved: each other.

Jared tells Glen his pacemaker is there and will return when he is ready to put it in. Glen admits his wife didn't die, she left him and have her a good reason but Jared didn't get what he deserved like good parents who loved him; they were lucky to have him. Jared smiles and holds his hand briefly. Claire seems remarkably well adjusted, which concerns Dr. Mohan. She doesn't reach the requirement to be grounded from work, saying she is a strong woman but is she has suppressed feelings about this incident, she will needs to share them with someone, or they will eat her up. Jared returns to Glen's room with the gurney for surgery only to find his bed empty again. He does on the hunt for him again. Shaun arrives in Liam's room, but as soon as he says he is glad to be participating, Liam's pressure is bottoming out and he is going into septic shock. In the OR, Melendez quizzes the team, and they are told to to a full-length middle incision of the bowel to find where it is perforated. Melendez offers the scalpel to Shaun, who takes it, remembering when his brother gave him his toy scalpel. He does the incision and gives the time.

While the girls are bonding, the princes take on the Dagda Mor (Jed Brophy) as a result of the King (John Rhys-Davies) who is actually the Changeling (Shushila Takao) tricking them. Unfortunately, Prince Arion (Daniel MacPherson) does not make it out of the situation alive. However, he deserved his death. He was a foolish and arrogant, leading to karma taking him out. 041b061a72


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