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SS Rattan Theory of Machines PDF: A Complete Guide for Mechanical Engineers

Ideal for the industrial engineers, mechanical, civil engineers and their students, theory of machines by K.K. Nag is a must read for competitive exam preparation. Unlike the old editions, the current edition brings out the concepts with lot of insights. The book is written in a novel way which is little bit hard to understand but mostly it is little useful for the preparation of technical papers. For preparation of bank, railway, air and other competitive exams, theory of machines by K.K. Nag is the best book of all time. Book is also written in an easy to understand manner. The subject matter has been revised for the recently conducted CGEAM and EEEAM exams.

ss rattan theory of machines pdf download

Simply, theory of machines is the best ever written in the market. The subject matter is very well written and a must read for all mechanical engineering students. Although it is an old book but the concepts are very suitable to current competitive exam scenario. Book explains all the concepts in an easy to understand manner. Though it is a bit old book but is still very popular in the market. The book is rich in terms of topics covered and concepts explained. In this book, the author explains all the concepts in an easy to understand manner.

Written in an easy to read manner, theory of machines is an important book for all those who are preparing for various competitive exams. The book is a bit old and most of the concepts have been changed over time. However the concepts explained are always useful. Conceptual part has been addressed as well. Books by K.K. Nag are always useful for competitive exams preparation.


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