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[EXCLUSIVE] School Management System For WordPress

This is our third school year using FACTS Tuition Management and FACTS SIS. The total integration of those two products has been a real time saver. Advanced Accounting, Online Application, Online Enrollment, and Grant & Aid Assessment have also been huge improvements for us. Our teachers love the classroom management and communication functions in FACTS SIS, and the grade book and attendance functions could not be easier to use. Finally, the customer service team for FACTS are the best in the business. Nineteen times out of twenty, I reach our dedicated rep on the first ring. This is a team that is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and innovative school management solutions. Keep up the great work!

[EXCLUSIVE] School Management System for WordPress


All of these features come standard with the free version of the plugin. The premium upgrade comes with features like multi-school support, roles and permissions for different types of users, and library management to issue books to students and generate library cards.

Educare is a powerful online School/College students & results management system dev by FixBD. This plugin allows you to manage and publish students results. This is a School/College students & results management plugin that was created to make WordPress a more powerful CMS.

There are multiple integrations that could suit your LMS for Education and improve your learning experience. Integrations aim to increase the efficiency of the school management structure to the fullest by incorporating everything possible. However, the sheer number of potential integrations may be challenging for certain clients of the school management system.

School management systems can be combined with the famous email service providers that offer email updates to a wide range of stakeholders as students & parents. The integration empowers the admin to send the email to choose stakeholders.

Generally, WordPress seems to be the most widely accepted content management system available today. It could be as tricky or as simple as you would like. When you integrate WordPress with the school management system, you can use, expand, and track your WordPress platform without increasing overhead production hours.

Are you wondering how a school information management system aids the institutions? Hop on to the services provided by EduHappy. At, EduHappy offers the best SMS system that can help students stay organized. The schools can use our School Management System Software to keep track of all the things that are important, like school management, student management, and staff management. Call us for more information at + 201001519870.

Perhaps the most complex part of any LMS is student or user management. In most cases, you'll want to restrict access to courses to registered and/or paying pupils, which means that you'll need a tool to implement a membership system.

What is a content management system? A content management system (CMS) is an application that helps you create and manage a website via a human-friendly interface rather than needing to work directly with code.

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system. As one of the best free CMS tools, WordPress powers 43% of all the websites on the internet (including the Themeisle blog).

SakolaWP: a WordPress school management plugin that lets you manage attendance, exams, homework, and everything in between online. It has access rights for admins, teachers, students, and parents. Admins can manage teachers, students, classes, marks, and all other data.

With a name that gets right to the point, the WP smart CRM & Invoices FREE WordPress plugin is a less popular, yet respectable, option when it comes to running a CRM in your WordPress dashboard. The plugin covers more than your standard CRM, with an impressive collection of office and business management tools. Some of these include the customer archive grid, a notification system, and a beautiful module for organizing your contacts for future messaging.

Education Pack is a beautiful, clean and free education WordPress theme for any university, schools, training centers or even instructors, coaches. It can also be used as an elearning portal and Learning management system (LMS) for schools and corporates.

Student Attendance Management:Admin and Teachers can do entire attendance management on daily basis of the students of each class. Students and parents can see date wise attendance report. Teacher can also add the reason for absence of each student. Whenever any student is absent, an automatic message is sent to the registered parent mentioning the day, date and reason of being absent. Automatic messages are sent only if the school has purchased our SMS add-on.

School Schedule Management:Admin and teachers can create exam schedule for each subject of their respective class.Along with this, upcoming school event schedules like cultural festival schedule, sports tournament schedule, annual leaves management and likewise can be easily created. For sudden changes in acedemics, admin can notify teachers, students and parents by sending email-notifications(free) or sending messages through our paid SMS add-on.

Through reading both definitions it appears that administrative decentralization and parallel decentralization are not the best forms of decentralization that really allow a higher level of autonomy in decision making, and that political and territorial decentralization would better serve the opening up of educational system and reforming governance through allowing a higher level of autonomy to schools and communities.

Pre-university Education management system in Egypt has always been centralized, with decisions in education policies and practices being in the hand of Ministry of Education and other state-lead institutions. The following diagram can give an idea of how detailed and how centralized decision making is in education on both levels; pre-university and tertiary education.

Influenced by international developmental organizations discourse as well as developmental projects in Egypt, the state started to gradually open the educational governance and management system. Starting by the creation of school councils as avenues for increasing the


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