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Download Hitman 2016: The Complete Stealth Game for PC

How to Download Hitman 2016: A Complete Guide

If you are looking for a thrilling stealth action game that lets you explore exotic locations and eliminate your targets in creative ways, then you should definitely check out Hitman 2016. This game is the sixth installment in the popular Hitman franchise, and the first part of the World of Assassination trilogy. In this game, you play as Agent 47, a genetically enhanced assassin who works for a mysterious organization called the ICA. You will travel across the globe and take on various contracts that involve killing high-profile targets, such as fashion moguls, rock stars, militia leaders, and more.

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But how can you download Hitman 2016 and enjoy this amazing game? In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to do that. We will also give you a brief review of the game, its features, system requirements, and some tips and tricks to help you become a master assassin. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Hitman 2016 Game Review: What critics and players say about it

Hitman 2016 received positive reviews from both critics and players when it was released episodically from March to October 2016. The game was praised for its expansive level design, replay value, graphics, sound, and gameplay mechanics. The game also introduced a "live component" that added new content regularly, such as elusive targets, escalation contracts, featured contracts, and seasonal events.

Some of the accolades that Hitman 2016 received include:

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  • Best Stealth Game of 2016 by PC Gamer

  • Best Action/Adventure Game of 2016 by IGN

  • Best Game Design of 2017 by BAFTA Games Awards

  • Best Game of the Year Nominee by The Game Awards

According to Metacritic, Hitman 2016 has an average score of 83 out of 100 based on 46 critic reviews and an average user score of 7.8 out of 10 based on 1,021 ratings. Some of the positive comments from critics include:

"Delayed gratification from the episodic release schedule or not, this 2016 take on Hitman is a brilliant game. Expansive level design and nearly unlimited replay value courtesy of so many routes to your assassinations (and so many methods with which to carry them out) make the experience almost completely different each and every time you play." - Xbox Achievements

"Hitman is a puzzle game with action and stealth elements; the developers refined the simulation and artificial intelligence of each level. The game adopted an episodic model and the team envisioned the game as a service. It was marketed as a \"World of Assassination\" and provided a platform that would expand and evolve over time." - Polygon

"Hitman is an engrossing experience that includes some of the best replay value ever seen in a game. Having come into this season of Hitman only after it was complete, I cant render a judgment about how the game was released in an episodic format. Im glad that I got to play through it as a complete experience." - GameSpot

Some of the negative comments from critics include:

"The always-online requirement is annoying at best and frustrating at worst; excessive handholding can ruin immersion; some bugs and glitches can affect gameplay." - Hardcore Gamer

"The story is weak and disjointed; some levels are less memorable than others; some technical issues and performance problems can occur." - Game Revolution

"The episodic format is frustrating and inconsistent; the online-only DRM is unnecessary and intrusive; the story is bland and poorly told." - Destructoid

Some of the positive comments from users include:

"This game is amazing. The levels are huge and full of possibilities. The graphics are stunning and the sound is immersive. The gameplay is smooth and satisfying. The replay value is enormous. The live content is fresh and exciting. The best Hitman game ever made." - Metacritic user

"I love this game. It's like a sandbox of assassination. You can approach each mission in so many different ways, and discover new things every time you play. The game is challenging but rewarding. The game is also very funny and has a lot of dark humor. The game is a masterpiece." - Metacritic user

"This game is awesome. The levels are huge and detailed, the gameplay is varied and fun, the graphics are beautiful and realistic, the sound is atmospheric and immersive, the story is intriguing and mysterious, the live content is engaging and dynamic, the replay value is infinite. The game is a gem." - Metacritic user

Some of the negative comments from users include:

"This game is terrible. The levels are boring and linear, the gameplay is repetitive and dull, the graphics are outdated and ugly, the sound is annoying and generic, the story is nonsensical and forgettable, the live content is lame and pointless, the replay value is zero. The game is a waste of money." - Metacritic user

"I hate this game. It's like a downgrade from previous Hitman games. You can't save whenever you want, you can't play offline, you can't customize your loadout, you can't skip cutscenes, you can't choose your difficulty, you can't mod the game, you can't do anything. The game is a joke." - Metacritic user

"This game is disappointing. It's like a beta version of a Hitman game. The levels are buggy and glitchy, the gameplay is clunky and frustrating, the graphics are inconsistent and choppy, the sound is buggy and distorted, the story is vague and boring, the live content is buggy and broken, the replay value is low. The game is a mess." - Metacritic user

Hitman 2016 Game Features: What makes it unique and fun

Hitman 2016 has many features that make it unique and fun to play. Some of these features include:

  • Freedom of choice: You can choose how to complete each mission, whether by stealth, combat, or a combination of both. You can also choose your weapons, gadgets, disguises, entry points, exit points, and more.

  • Creative assassination: You can use various methods to kill your targets, such as poisoning, sniping, stabbing, strangling, exploding, drowning, pushing, shooting, electrocuting, dropping, burning, crushing, or simply accident.

  • Immersive environments: You can explore diverse and detailed locations around the world, such as Paris, Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok, Colorado, Hokkaido, and more. You can interact with objects, people, animals, vehicles, and more.

  • Dynamic AI: You can encounter realistic and responsive NPCs that react to your actions and the environment. You can also influence their behavior by using distractions, disguises, subterfuge, or violence.

  • Live content: You can enjoy new and updated content regularly, such as elusive targets, escalation contracts, featured contracts, and seasonal events. You can also create your own contracts and share them with other players.

  • Online features: You can compete with other players in leaderboards, challenges, and achievements. You can also unlock new items, outfits, and weapons by completing missions and challenges.

Hitman 2016 Game Download Options: Where and how to get it

Hitman 2016 is available for download on various platforms, such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. You can also buy the physical disc version of the game if you prefer. Here are some of the options you have to download Hitman 2016:


Download Option






Epic Games Store




PlayStation 4

PlayStation Store


Xbox One

Microsoft Store



Stadia Store


All Platforms

$19.99 (physical disc)

Hitman 2016 Game System Requirements: What you need to run it smoothly

Before you download Hitman 2016, you should make sure that your device meets the minimum or recommended system requirements to run the game smoothly. Here are the system requirements for Hitman 2016 according to Steam:

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: OS 64-bit Windows 7

  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz / AMD CPU Phenom II X4 940

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM

  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7870

  • DirectX: Version 11

  • Storage: 50 GB available space

Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: OS 64-bit Windows 10

  • Processor: Intel CPU Core i7 3770 3,4 GHz / AMD CPU AMD FX-8350 4 GHz

  • Memory: 8 GB RAM

  • Graphics: Nvidia GPU GeForce GTX 770 / AMD GPU Radeon R9 290

  • DirectX: Version 11

  • Storage: 50 GB available space

If your device does not meet the minimum system requirements, you may experience lag, crashes, or other issues while playing the game. If your device meets the recommended system requirements, you can enjoy the game with higher graphics settings and better performance.

Hitman 2016 Game Tips and Tricks: How to master the art of assassination

To help you get the most out of Hitman 2016, here are some tips and tricks that will help you master the art of assassination:

  • Plan ahead: Before you start a mission, you should scout the area, study the map, identify your target, and plan your approach. You should also check the opportunities, challenges, and intel tabs to get some hints and ideas on how to complete your objectives.

  • Be stealthy: The game rewards you for being stealthy and avoiding detection. You should use cover, crouch, hide bodies, blend in, and avoid cameras and guards. You should also use silent weapons, such as fiber wire, syringes, or suppressed guns.

  • Be creative: The game gives you a lot of freedom and tools to kill your targets in creative ways. You can use environmental hazards, such as gas leaks, chandeliers, or car batteries. You can also use disguises, distractions, poisons, or accidents to make your kills look natural.

  • Be adaptable: The game is dynamic and unpredictable. You may encounter unexpected situations, such as changes in your target's behavior, security alerts, or random events. You should be ready to adapt to these situations and improvise when necessary.

  • Be patient: The game is not a rush. You should take your time and observe your surroundings. You should also wait for the right moment to strike and avoid unnecessary risks.

Conclusion: Summarize the main points and encourage the reader to try the game

In conclusion, Hitman 2016 is a great stealth action game that lets you experience the life of a professional assassin. You can travel around the world and eliminate your targets in various ways. You can also enjoy the game's features, such as its level design, replay value, graphics, sound, gameplay mechanics, and live content. You can also download the game on different platforms and make sure that your device meets the system requirements.

If you are looking for a game that challenges your creativity, skill, and strategy, then you should definitely try Hitman 2016. It is one of the best games in the Hitman franchise and one of the best games of its genre. So what are you waiting for? Download Hitman 2016 today and become the ultimate assassin!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Hitman 2016:

Q: How many episodes are there in Hitman 2016?

  • A: There are six episodes in Hitman 2016, each with a different location and target. The episodes are: <ol Episode 1: Paris - The Showstopper

  • Episode 2: Sapienza - World of Tomorrow

  • Episode 3: Marrakesh - A Gilded Cage

  • Episode 4: Bangkok - Club 27

  • Episode 5: Colorado - Freedom Fighters

  • Episode 6: Hokkaido - Situs Inversus

You can also play two bonus episodes, The Icon and Landslide, which are set in Sapienza, and A House Built on Sand, which is set in Marrakesh.

Q: How long does it take to finish Hitman 2016?

A: It depends on how you play the game and how much content you want to explore. According to HowLongToBeat, the average time to finish the main story of Hitman 2016 is about 11 hours. However, if you want to complete all the missions, challenges, and achievements, it can take you up to 80 hours or more.

Q: Can I play Hitman 2016 offline?

A: Yes, you can play Hitman 2016 offline, but you will miss out on some features and content. For example, you will not be able to access the live content, such as elusive targets, escalation contracts, featured contracts, and seasonal events. You will also not be able to unlock new items, outfits, and weapons by completing missions and challenges. You will also not be able to compete with other players in leaderboards, challenges, and achievements. You will also not be able to save your progress or load your previous saves while offline.

Q: Is Hitman 2016 suitable for children?

A: No, Hitman 2016 is not suitable for children. The game is rated M for Mature by ESRB, which means that it contains content that may be inappropriate for persons under 17 years of age. The game contains violence, blood, gore, drug use, sexual themes, nudity, strong language, and suggestive humor.

Q: Is Hitman 2016 connected to other Hitman games?

A: Yes, Hitman 2016 is connected to other Hitman games. The game is a reboot of the franchise and a prequel to the previous games. The game follows Agent 47's early career as an assassin and his relationship with his handler Diana Burnwood. The game also features some characters and references from the previous games, such as IAGO, Viktor Novikov, Dalia Margolis, Erich Soders, Yuki Yamazaki, and more.


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