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raja was not alone in this transition, i remember his brother vijayakanth going the same way. when he started making films, he already was a family band and he would go through different musical styles in his films. the first few of his movies are the nooravathu naal sound and the latter half of his career and his commercial films are the dhalapathi sound. as a musician, he is the most versatile of all composers and i would say, the most versatile of any composer. now, the problem is that he just cant get rid of the influences of his hindi predecessors and that is why his music never feels like itself. he is a great musician but does not have the depth of expression. now when we compare him with some of the other greats like kj, he just feels lost in the transitions. he is no longer a jazz master but just some commercial music master.

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kodikunnu thaarai pillai was made in 1985 and we have to be fair in saying that rajas music was already beginning to go down. but the music in this movie is sublime. it is the usual tharai pannu style and it is so original that it is worth looking at. starting with a rare song sung by haris mausam, the song in english is a very fine piece of music. the two songs in tamil, written by the illustrious duo gopi krishna and g thandiram are the most rhythmically complex songs of the series. they have a very different tonal feeling and are just so smartly written! the song is a real workout for the listener and is the first song after a long time that i find raja trying out his own style and it is a huge improvement.


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