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The The Gambler Wore A Gun !NEW!

Case Silverhorn (Jim Davis), a professional gambler, wants to retire from the gambling life and purchases a ranch through the mail. On the way there he saves the local Sheriff's life, who got into an ambush. The ambush did leave one man dead: the man Silverhorn purchased the ranch from is murdered before the title-deed can be recorded. Neither the Sheriff, nor the seller's children, Jud (Don Dorrell) and Sharon Donovan (Merry Anders) have any knowledge of the transaction and will not vacate the ranch. Taking a job at the local saloon, Case discovers that rustlers, unknown to the Donovans, are using the ranch-lands to hide the stolen cattle. Jud learns of the operation and is killed by the gang, and Case is framed for the murder.

The The Gambler Wore a Gun

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At one of these tables sat the stranger. He was still talking volubly about the dangers of the towns along the Mississippi where gamblers were gamblers and honor at the green baize tables was a thing to be protected at all costs.


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