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The Mayor's Office of Contract Services reviews and certifies agency compliance with the applicable laws and regulations for franchises and concessions. In certain circumstances, franchises and concessions are also subject to the approval of the Franchise and Concession Review Committee (FCRC).


The FCRC is comprised of the following officials or their designees: the Mayor; the Director of the Office of Management and Budget; the Corporation Counsel; the Comptroller; and one additional appointee of the Mayor. The Borough Presidents also serve as members of the FCRC. Each member of the FCRC holds one vote, except for the Borough Presidents, who share one vote, which is determined according to the location of the concession and/or franchise at issue.

Interested in finding out what franchise or concession opportunities are available? Below are a number of additional resources on existing franchise and concession opportunities and general information for the New York City Departments of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Transportation, and the Office of Technology and Innovation:

Concessioners fill a vital role with helping the National Park Service (NPS) carry out its mission. Private companies work with the NPS to offer necessary and appropriate services to park visitors that parks do not provide directly. By welcoming the private sector as a partner in park operations, the NPS broadens the economic base of the region and the communities surrounding parks. The Commercial Services Program administers nearly 500 concession contracts that, in total, gross over $1 billion annually. NPS concessioners employ more than 25,000 people in a variety of jobs during peak seasons, providing services ranging from food and lodging, to whitewater rafting adventures, motor coach tours and others.

The NPS recently issued guidance and more recently an addendum affirming the importance of NPS concessioner compliance with the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and laws enforced by the Department of Labor. NPS also provided a news item on recent updates to posters on employee rights under the NLRA that are available for download and printing.

To ensure compliance with an applicable nationwide injunction pending appeal, which may be supplemented, modified, or vacated, depending on the course of ongoing litigation, the NPS will take no action to implement or enforce the implementing regulations for Executive Order 14026 of April 27, 2021, (Increasing the Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors), codified at 29 C.F.R. part 23, in the context of seasonal recreational services or seasonal recreational equipment rental for the general public on federal lands provided under NPS concession contracts, commercial use authorizations, and commercial leases. This includes those contracts, CUAs and leases that we issued following issuance of the EO and before the injunction or otherwise contain a clause regarding EO 14026 compliance.

The Concessions Program at Illinois State Parks provides a very important part of the park visitor's experience. Concessionaires offer the State Park facilities, services and goods that the State could not otherwise provide. Those goods and services provide diverse recreational opportunities and high-quality concession operations such as restaurants, golf courses, marinas and lodging, while protecting the natural and cultural resources found in Illinois State Parks. See Concession frequently asked questions to learn more.

Copies of the RFPs are available for download from Cal eProcure at . Proposals for this concession opportunity will be accepted only in person on October 20, 2022, by 2 p.m. PT at:

If you want to join an e-mail list to receive notices of DCR concession opportunities, send an e-mail giving us full contact information and requesting inclusion on our mailing list to: DCR.PERMITS@STATE.MA.US. The mailing list is not user specific, so you may get notice of permit opportunities that you're not interested in.

From time to time the Airports Division has opportunities that do not meet the definition of concession. A title and description of any non-concession opportunity would be posted in this section of the page. If you are interested in such an offering, please click on the message where indicated.

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program ensures that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, as defined in 49 CFR Parts 23 and 26, shall have an equal opportunity to participate in federally assisted contracting and concession leasing.

You do not have to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to claim a concession, but you must meet the eligibility criteria. Additional foreign acquirer duty may apply if you are a foreign person.

To keep the benefit of the home concession in full after you move in, you must not dispose of all or part of the property (including granny flats) within 1 year. A partial concession may apply if you dispose within 1 year.

Any existing tenants must move out when their lease expires or within 6 months of settlement, whichever is the earlier, for you to stay eligible for the concession. Previous owners who continue to stay in the property must also move out within 6 months.

They have resided in the property and made it their principal place of residence. Provided they do not sell, transfer, lease or otherwise grant exclusive possession within the first year of occupying the property, they are able to retain the full benefit of the concession even though the original house was demolished.

You may be eligible for academic concession if your circumstances fall within certain categories. An academic concession is an allowance for you to make up missed coursework or an exam at a later date or by alternate means.

Academic concessions are special allowances determined by your instructors and/or your home Faculty Academic Advising Office for you to complete missed coursework or exams resulting from extenuating circumstances such as an acute illness or a conflicting responsibility. Refer to your course syllabi to understand how concessions will be applied in each course for which a concession is requested and granted. See Requesting Academic Concession below for further instructions.

Determination of whether to grant an academic concession and which type of academic concession is most appropriate will depend on your individual circumstances, when the academic advisor reviews your request. One or more of the following considerations may apply:

Academic concession shall not lower the academic standards of UBC, its courses, or its programs, and shall not remove either the need for evaluation or assessment or the need for the student to meet essential requirements.

We trust that the information you provide in a request for academic concession is accurate and truthful. The submission of false information for the purpose of obtaining academic concession is classified as non-academic misconduct, and will be investigated and penalized accordingly.

Deferred Standing is a form of academic concession. When you receive Deferred Standing for a missed final exam, this could have an impact on your promotion to second year standing. You must have second year standing to apply for a specialization, therefore Deferred Standing could also impact your specialization application. If you have reviewed the information about promotion to second year and have questions about what Deferred Standing in a course could mean for you, please find out how to connect with us at . Please have your student number available so that we can look at your academic record and discuss your specific situation.

Deferred Standing is a form of academic concession. When you receive Deferred Standing for a missed final exam, this could have delay your promotion to the next year level. As a result, you may not be able to register for the upcoming winter session until the results of your exams and course grades have been finalized. This may limit your ability to register in your first-choice timetable and classes. If you have questions about what Deferred Standing in a course could mean for you, please connect with us at Have your student number available so that we can look at your academic record and discuss your specific situation.

If you or your spouse is a Singapore citizen, you can also enjoy levy concession if your parent, parent-in-law, grandparent or grandparent-in-law is a Singapore permanent resident, at least 67 years old and stays with you. You can apply online.

You can also enjoy levy concession if you are a Singapore citizen and staying with your parent, spouse, or child with disabilities, who is a Singapore permanent resident. You can apply with Agency for Integrated Care.

The parking concession is an agreement between The Ohio State and CampusParc that regulates parking rates, operating standards, and maintenance of all parking assets. Read the concession agreement here.

CampusParc is the company created to serve The Ohio State University community and manage its parking system by the terms of the concession agreement. CampusParc was formed by QIC, an Australian company that is one of the largest institutional investment managers in the world. CampusParc is responsible for the oversight of the parking assets, including the maintenance and operation for the parking facilities.

The process is easy. Pick up an order guide at your local store or download one here and browse for what you need from our list of items. You can choose from a large variety of concessions, including hot dogs, buns, nachos, chips, candy, soft drinks, water, paper goods, and more.

In particular, the CMA has a mandate to supervise the implementation of all tariff and non-tariff concessions, including procedures for modification or withdrawal of tariff concessions, and to ensure that WTO schedules are up to date. Members have frequently discussed these issues at the CMA.


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